Camio Norwich Terriers

True to Standard 
True to Type

"Glinda "
CH Camio's Educated Enchantress, 
Sire: Castle-Bar Cutting Edge 
Dam: CH Camio's Educated Guess

Below, Glinda's first love is the Agility Ring.  She earned her first "Q" in Agility at The All Terrier Agility Trial, Montgomery County Weekend 2012.
Below, Glinda's agility run December 2017. 
She won first place for her second Q in Excellent Standard.  She was 14 seconds under time.  Way to go little girl!
Glinda's Champion puppies:

"Rosie" (GCH Camio's Defying Gravity)
"Brenda" (CH Camio's Believe It or Not at Half a Bob)

Glinda completed her AKC Championship as well.  Below are some candid photos of her in the ring.